Polaroid ZIP Printer

polaroid zip printer

Even if you’ve not yet encountered a wireless portable printer, you can immediately tell by the name exactly what it is. In fact, I think this is one of the most idiot proof topics I’ve ever written about – it’s a printer, which is both wireless and portable – that’s it. There are a few things which people don’t tend to realize and which isn’t immediately obvious.

To start with, it’s all very well and good saying ‘wireless’ and if you just have a passing interest then of course that’s fine – but if you actually want to purchase a device like this it raises a few basic but very important questions. Wireless connectivity is achieved through many ways, from your home wireless network which many households now have as a staple – all the way through to radio wave signals being transmitted hundreds of miles.

Although it varies slightly from device to device, most wireless printers have at least the ability to connect to wireless networks similar to that of a laptop or a smart phone. But what most people don’t realize is that many are Bluetooth enabled which means that they can connect to many other mobile devices. To see people this may not be useful at all, but if you have a Blackberry (for example) and a small wireless portable printer such as polaroid zip printer. You can connect to the internet on the Blackberry, find what you want, such as directions, items prices, menus and so on and then activate the Bluetooth on both devices and print directly from the Blackberry to the wireless printer right then and there!

Another important thing that people don’t factor in when using specifically a wireless as opposed to wired mobile printer is that the wire free version will consume significantly more power than its constrained counterpart. This is obviously meaningless to non portable versions, but if you’re carrying your printer such as polaroid zip printer out in the field – whatever that may be of course and it runs out of battery power you’re going to be pretty angry. On the other hand you can buy portable battery chargers, but if you’re only buying it for the novelty and you don’t actually mind using cables (but do mind the printer cutting out after considerable use) it’s something you must consider.

polaroid zip printer

Finally, one of the most important things I’d recommend doing if you want the best wireless portable printer such as polaroid zip printer, is by finding the best printer for you. If you don’t mind if it is wired, then get one! There’s no use paying more money if you aren’t going to utilize it as well as sacrificing battery life. If you only need to print of a few things now and again while travelling then buy a compact version! There’s no need to buy one that can do everything as well as make candy floss because the better they are the bigger they get and for a portable device this can be quite irritating!

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