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Rick Strahl's Web Log

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1 Bitmap types, Binary Resources and Westwind.Globalization Administrator
2 Updated DeleteFiles Utility now on Chocolatey Administrator
3 ASP.NET MVC, Localization and Westwind.Globalization for Db Resources Administrator
4 Cordova and Visual Studio CODE Magazine Article Administrator
5 Using FontAwesome Fonts for HTML Radio Buttons and Checkboxes Administrator
6 Back to Basics: UTC and TimeZones in .NET Web Apps Administrator
7 Adding non-NuGet references to the new vNext Projects Administrator
8 Azure VM Blues: Fighting a losing Performance Battle Administrator
9 Blend Path interfering with C# Project Builds Administrator
10 <main> HTML5 Tag not working in Internet Explorer 9/10/11 Administrator
11 Tip: Create a Visual Studio Menu option to Open a Command Window Administrator
12 Using Cordova and Visual Studio to build iOS Mobile Apps Administrator
13 INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE: Watch your Android App Version Administrator
14 Gotcha: Entity Framework gets slow in long Iteration Loops Administrator
15 Mixing $http Promises and $q Promises for cached Data Administrator
16 Creating multi-target NuGet Packages with vNext Administrator
17 Updating Assembly Redirects with NuGet Administrator
18 WebClient and GetWebResponse not firing on Async Requests Administrator
19 AngularJs and Promises with the $http Service Administrator
20 A jquery-watch Plug-in for watching CSS styles and Attributes Administrator
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