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1 Understanding databases and building new data systems Administrator
2 Arlington schools announce key findings from ‘Big Data’ competition - The Washington Post Administrator
3 Before you take over supporting a web application…. - Eric Parvin - Site Home - MSDN Blogs Administrator
4 New Microsoft Message Analyzer Released - IEInternals - Site Home - MSDN Blogs Administrator
5 Inside Apple’s Live Event Stream Failure, And Why It Happened: It Wasn’t A Capacity Issue Administrator
6 Modern apps matter to IT 3 - Top 3 Reasons Administrator
7 Edge Show 116 - Docker on Azure | Edge | Channel 9 Administrator
8 Visualizing Garbage Collection Algorithms Administrator
9 How Google can really help news & media | Om Malik Administrator
10 OpenStack Trove Day 2014 Recap: MySQL and DBaaS | Javalobby Administrator
11 Azure Search Scenarios and Capabilities | Microsoft Azure Blog Administrator
12 Building Cloud Apps with the Azure WebJobs SDK | Microsoft Azure Blog Administrator
13 Anywhere, anytime, any device Administrator
14 Why developers should get excited about Java 9 | Java programming - InfoWorld Administrator
15 What is OpenStack Trove? Trove Day 2014 Administrator
16 Munich, Germany realizes that deploying Linux was a disaster, going back to Windows - Neowin Administrator
17 Code to make music Administrator
18 What are some recommended practices for setting up staging environments and branching? Administrator
19 Jolt Awards 2014: The Best Testing Tools | Dr Dobb's Administrator
20 DevOps cuts out the unnecessary middle-man - Administrator
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