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Kunal's Blog

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1 How to get the Process Description of an external process using C#? Administrator
2 Microsoft started pushing #Windows10 as Recommended Update Administrator
3 #UWP Tips: Building a Toast Notification with buttons (Part 2) Administrator
4 Configuration update rolling out to #Windows 10 Mobile Insiders Administrator
5 How to compute the Hash value of a file using #CSharp? Administrator
6 #UWP Tips: Building a simple Toast Notification with text (Part 1) Administrator
7 Like Clippy? Get assistance in #VisualStudio using #ReSharper plugin Administrator
8 The complete list of #VisualStudio keyboard shortcuts Administrator
9 #UWP Tips: How to create Hosted Web Apps for #Windows 10? Administrator
10 List of Key features introduced in #CSharp (1.0 to 6.0) - an Infographic Administrator
11 How to copy selected text from SMS message in #Windows 10 mobile? Administrator
12 Evolution of #CSharp (1.0 to 6.0) - an Infographic Administrator
13 How to get the Device Information in #UWP apps? Administrator
14 How to get the Battery Information in #UWP apps? Administrator
15 How to turn ON/OFF the Frame Rate Counter in #UWP apps? Administrator
16 How to apply custom color in #UWP apps Title Bar? Administrator
17 Interview Question: What is the difference between “using directives” and “using block” Administrator
18 How to retrieve file size from a remote URL (using #CSharp) Administrator
19 #Windows10 November Update: #Windows Defender context scan Administrator
20 Retain your existing free #OneDrive space before #Microsoft downgrades it's plan Administrator
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