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Michael Crump

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61 Setting up Unit Testing in Windows Phone 7 and 8 Administrator
62 Using Portable Class Libraries with Win 8 and WP8 and MVVM Administrator
63 Using Portable Class Libraries with Win 8 and WP8 and MVVM Administrator
64 Create an off-line Installer for the Windows Phone 7.8 SDK Administrator
65 A Windows Phone 8 Project Template Without the Fluff Administrator
66 Silverlight Show Webinar on the New Features in the WP8 SDK Part 2 Administrator
67 Acer T232HL 23 inch Touchscreen Monitor Review for Windows 8 Administrator
68 Splash Screens in Windows Phone 8–Who moved my cheese? Administrator
69 Thanks to Everyone for Helping me have a Great 2012. Administrator
70 What happens to Windows 8 Apps already Installed with a Current Expired Developer License? Administrator
71 Silverlight Show Webinar on An Overview of the New Windows Phone 8 SDK Administrator
72 10 Things Silverlight Developers Need to Know About the Windows Runtime Administrator
73 A List of Great Build Videos for Windows Phone 8 Administrator
74 Taking a Look at Registering a new Windows Phone 8 Device and Syncing Content Administrator
75 Mobile Application Development Native vs. PhoneGap Tools–Podcast with Michael Crump Administrator
76 Step by Step to adding Windows Media Center to Windows 8 Pro. Administrator
77 Using ProcDump to Monitor Windows 8 Store Apps Administrator
78 Resolution: Unable to Activate Windows Store App. The activation request failed with error E_Fail. Administrator
79 Announcing @Win8DevNews–Windows 8 Developer News Administrator
80 Location Awareness in about 2 minutes with Windows 8–HTML Administrator
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