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21 Getting your teams to communicate effectively Administrator
22 Bringing the power of PowerShell to your build scripts Administrator
23 A scalable software development organization? This is how you do it! Administrator
24 What kind of software architect are you? Strategist or tactician? Administrator
25 A beacon of light in the shadow of failing builds Administrator
26 Fluent Assertions just a got a little bit better Administrator
27 Evolving your agile architecture without loosing any people Administrator
28 Continuous refactoring in its natural habitat Administrator
29 Slack? An even better cross-team collaboration tool? Administrator
30 You don't know what you don't know Administrator
31 The curious case of a deadlock in Autofac Administrator
32 How Flowdock helps you get better cross-team collaboration Administrator
33 The C# Coding Guidelines are now open-source! Administrator
34 Universal Apps, WP8.1, xUnit2 or what else is new in Fluent Assertions 3.1 Administrator
35 QCon New York Day 3: Humans and engineers, Career Development, Remote Teams and Culture Administrator
36 QCon New York Day 2: Freeing people, imperfect architecture, lean coffee and unanswered questions Administrator
37 QCon New York Day 1: Micro-services, Team Latency and the Lean Enterprise Administrator
38 The Staring Game aka The Art of Social Intelligence Administrator
39 Time to break with the past a.k.a. Fluent Assertions 3.0 Administrator
40 QCon: The Culture Engine; How to build High Performance Teams Administrator
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