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RandomChaos - XNA UK User Group

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# Article Title Author
1 Learning Windows 8 Game Development Written by Michael Quandt Administrator
2 HLSL Development Cookbook By Doron Feinstein Published By Packt Publishing Administrator
3 Current State Of Play with my C++ Engine Administrator
4 Merry Xmas 2012 & a Happy New Year! Administrator
5 Killer Core–Reloaded Administrator
6 Axis Aligned Rectangles Administrator
7 Render Targets Administrator
8 XNA Samples in C++ Administrator
9 RandomchaosDX11Lib & SpriteBatch Administrator
10 Putting it all together Administrator
11 A Basic Framework Administrator
12 A Brave New World…. Administrator
13 Fancy playing with C++ and DirectX 11 Administrator
14 Heads up! Administrator
15 2D Crepuscular (God) Rays Administrator
16 XNA with BulletSharp Physics Engine Administrator
17 Simple Active Tiles using XNA on WP7 Administrator
18 Ringtones on WP7 using XNA Administrator
19 Android NDK Beginner’s Guide Administrator
20 Development Book Review Administrator
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