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1 AppDomain and Dynamic Assemblies Administrator
2 Self Hosting OWIN and WebAPI Administrator
3 OWIN Katana and Stage Marker in Integrated pipeline Administrator
4 OWIN integrated Pipeline extensions in Katana Administrator
5 Basics of OWIN and Katana – Part I Administrator
6 VS 2012 Fakes - Testing the Untestable Administrator
7 Learn basic unit testing with VS2012 and Nunit Administrator
8 Unit testing async marked methods using mock library Administrator
9 Using generic List as key in Dictionaries Administrator
10 EF4 using TableValue type in Storeprocedure Administrator
11 How to hard reset the Canvas 4 Android Administrator
12 Working with flagged enumeration in Csharp Administrator
13 Deserialize list of json objects as list with JSON.Net Administrator
14 Creating dynamic object with Dynamic feature in CSharp Administrator
15 Code coverage and Unit tests in VS2012 Administrator
16 Using IOperationInvoker in WCF for Global exception handling and logging Administrator
17 Handle partial content request in WebAPI Aspnet Administrator
18 Enum operations for name value attributes Administrator
19 Rhino MockRepository concrete vs static usage Administrator
20 Expanding the probing domains of running assembly Administrator
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