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1 Get free developer essentials tools-training material on MSDN Administrator
2 SOA best practices - Simplifying ServiceFaçade Administrator
3 Managing Cross Cutting Concerns – Logging Administrator
4 Setting up SSL encryption to WCF REST API Service Administrator
5 Basic Authentication in WCF REST on IIS Administrator
6 Compiling C# 6.0 code using Roslyn Microsoft.CodeAnalysis v1.0.0 Programmatically Administrator
7 Hosting WCF REST service in IIS Administrator
8 Securing WCF REST API using SSL and Basic Authentication Administrator
9 WCF REST API CORS enabled extension Administrator
10 A much better String to ValueType converter implementation in Csharp Administrator
11 Improvements in WPF in VS 2015 and .Net 4.6 Administrator
12 New debugging features in VS2015 Administrator
13 Using stylecop with Code analyzer in VS2015 Administrator
14 Updated Csharp 6.0 features in RTM VS2015 Administrator
15 Install windows 10 dual boot with no keys Administrator
16 Topshelf OSS Library – an unsung hero for windows services development Administrator
17 Choosing your Raspberry Pi for Window 10 Administrator
18 Video - Configuring and hosting vNext on Windows Administrator
19 Hosting vNext application on Linux server on Azure Administrator
20 Building Hosting vNext app on Macbook Administrator
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