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Clarity Blogs

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21 Large Datasets in Windows 8: Part 1 – Displaying the Data Administrator
22 Contre Jour’s Visuals, From Native to Web Administrator
23 Windows 8: Using SQLite and C# Data Layer with an HTML/JavaScript app Administrator
24 Windows 8: Sharing html content with images in local storage Administrator
25 Design for Software – Slides from That Conference Administrator
26 Traversing the One-To-Many Relationship of WinRT Streams Administrator
27 Just tap it in: Sideloading a Win8 Metro LOB App for Testing Purposes Administrator
28 How to get the Windows Phone user agent string Administrator
29 Smarter Settings in June 2012 Azure SDK Administrator
30 Azure and a Hungry Hungry Hippo Problem Administrator
31 Easily Restore SQL Azure Database to Local SQL Instance Administrator
32 Windows 8 Metro Javascript apps–Initial Thoughts Administrator
33 Roll your own Twitter Feed with Backbone.js Administrator
34 Contact Center Overflow queuing… Why you should never do this. Administrator
35 Windows 8 from the Trenches Administrator
36 Bare Minimum JS – Part 2 – Scoping Administrator
37 Bare Minimum JS – Part 1 – Getting Classy Administrator
38 WF4 – Pretty Flowcharts and Visualizing Business Process Administrator
39 A Web Recipe: Thoughts on making this better Administrator
40 A Web Recipe: Modal dialog and grid for child entities Administrator
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