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21 Contre Jour’s Visuals, From Native to Web
22 Windows 8: Using SQLite and C# Data Layer with an HTML/JavaScript app
23 Windows 8: Sharing html content with images in local storage
24 Design for Software – Slides from That Conference
25 Traversing the One-To-Many Relationship of WinRT Streams
26 Just tap it in: Sideloading a Win8 Metro LOB App for Testing Purposes
27 How to get the Windows Phone user agent string
28 Smarter Settings in June 2012 Azure SDK
29 Azure and a Hungry Hungry Hippo Problem
30 Easily Restore SQL Azure Database to Local SQL Instance
31 Windows 8 Metro Javascript apps–Initial Thoughts
32 Roll your own Twitter Feed with Backbone.js
33 Contact Center Overflow queuing… Why you should never do this.
34 Windows 8 from the Trenches
35 Bare Minimum JS – Part 2 – Scoping
36 Bare Minimum JS – Part 1 – Getting Classy
37 WF4 – Pretty Flowcharts and Visualizing Business Process
38 A Web Recipe: Thoughts on making this better
39 A Web Recipe: Modal dialog and grid for child entities
40 A Web Recipe: Building a better grid using the jquery DataTables plugin
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