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Liam McLennan

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21 Ubuntu Linux on the Samsung Chromebook Administrator
22 dbc type assertion library Administrator
23 Resourceserver as a backend for SPA and Backbone apps Administrator
24 Resourceserver Administrator
25 Clojure FizzBuzz Administrator
26 Haskell String Calculator Kata Administrator
27 Didacto - Learn JavaScript with interactive, executable tutorials Administrator
28 giv.n Administrator
29 Can we stop saying 'unit tests'? Administrator
30 Listagram Administrator
31 Things considered harmful (in C#) Administrator
32 dbc (node.js npm module) Administrator
33 Haskell influences in CoffeeScript Administrator
34 Converting Node.js Promises into Deferreds Administrator
35 Node.js Dependency Injection Administrator
36 Underscorec - Pre-compile underscore templates Administrator
37 Compile and concatenate CoffeeScript files Administrator
38 JavaScript Allonge Administrator
39 Adding key/value pairs to trello cards (and other apis) Administrator
40 Why Functional Programming Matters Administrator
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