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Prajeesh's C# Blog

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1 The 4 pillars of DevOps Administrator
2 Metrics to keep you on track for a continuous delivery journey Administrator
3 Microservices – Why does it matter for continuous delivery Administrator
4 PSScriptAnalyzer - Automate code checking for your PowerShell projects as part of TFS build Administrator
5 Docker for windows on Azure VM : Securing the host and TLS Administrator
6 PowerShell Gallery - Create a module for the community Administrator
7 DevOps and PowerShell : Automating SonarQube installation – Part 3 Administrator
8 DevOps and PowerShell : Automating SonarQube installation – Part 2 Administrator
9 PowerShell Tip - Manage .NET Assemblies in your session Administrator
10 Silent installation of Visual Studio using PowerShell DSC Administrator
11 Containerize your applications using docker for Windows - Part 1 Administrator
12 Using PowerShell cmdlets to create a VM in Azure resource manager Administrator
13 Do you use CodedUI for testing responsive webdesign? Administrator
14 PowerShell Tip : Shorten that URL (New-ShortUrl) Administrator
15 Custom DSC resource to copy files from Github Administrator
16 Using DSC, OneGet and chef to install chocolatey packages Administrator
17 Software package management using PowerShell OneGet, DSC, Chef and Chocolatey Administrator
18 Setup your chocolatey repository in Azure - part 4 Administrator
19 Setup your Chocolatey repository in Azure - Part 3 Administrator
20 Setup your Chocolatey repository in Azure - Part 2 Administrator
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