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Prajeesh's C# Blog

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1 DSC - Configuration delivery modes Administrator
2 Desired State Configuration - Elements of the configuration Administrator
3 Desired State Configuration - Introduction to CIM Administrator
4 Continuous Deployment - Remote execution of PowerShell scripts from your build process Administrator
5 CD tips - Create a custom activity to execute PowerShell scripts in the TFS build process Administrator
6 Using the SPImport events to control SharePoint content import Administrator
7 Exporting and importing content types using PowerShell Administrator
8 Continuous Delivery – Patterns for zero downtime requirements (ARR setup) Administrator
9 Continuous Delivery – Patterns for zero downtime requirements Administrator
10 SharePoint 2010 - Export and import global navigation Administrator
11 Extending SharePoint 2013 search - Intro architecture and components Administrator
12 DevOps - Remote test execution Administrator
13 DevOps - Workbench deployment orchestration Administrator
14 Setting up a local NuGet repository Administrator
15 Microsoft ALM - Configure agent settings Administrator
16 Microsoft ALM - Configure Diagnostic logging in builds Administrator
17 Microsoft ALM - Configure gated check-in Administrator
18 TFS 2013 - Gated check-in Administrator
19 Law of Demeter - Refactoring to Hide Delegate Administrator
20 What, when, how - dummy, fake, stub and mocks Administrator
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