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Alois Kraus

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1 Windows Performance Toolkit for Windows 10 Administrator
2 Which Keywords Has An ETW Provider Enabled? Administrator
3 ProfBugging - How to find leaks with allocation profiling Administrator
4 ConcurrentCollections Can Be Prohibitively Expensive Administrator
5 A Single Line Performance Error Administrator
6 What Is The Difference Between FileFlags.Random (FILE_FLAG_RANDOM_ACCESS) And FileFlags.SequentialScan (FILE_FLAG_SEQUENTIAL_SCAN)? Administrator
7 Windows Draws Some Unicode Characters Wrong (Windows 7-8.1) Administrator
8 Unexpected Window Message Pumping Part 2 Administrator
9 Can You Execute Code While Waiting For A Lock? Administrator
10 Advanced Memory Dump Debugging Administrator
11 Your Application The System And A Performance Bug Administrator
12 Thread Contention Effects Administrator
13 Fun With Process/Thread and IO Priorities Administrator
14 The Case Of Slow Visual Studio Startup Administrator
15 SIMD Support for .NET Arrived! Administrator
16 What Every Developer Must Know About Fast Garbage Collection (+ more) Administrator
17 Boot Time Analysis Administrator
18 Enable Activity Tracing For Workflow Foundations Administrator
19 Desktop Heap Exhaustion / Hard Bugs Administrator
20 ETWControler Released! Administrator
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