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Niraj Bhatt – Architect's Blog

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1 WS-Fed vs. SAML vs. OAuth vs. OpenID Connect Administrator
2 Evolution of software architecture Administrator
3 Azure ExpressRoute Primer Administrator
4 Thou shalt cause no harm, Thou art SAFe! Administrator
5 Managing Access to Cloud Resources Administrator
6 Dealing with Resourcing Constraints Administrator
7 Client Profitability vs. Practice Profitability Administrator
8 Overview of Office 365 Administrator
9 Using a Single Windows Azure Active Directory tenant for All EA Azure Subscriptions Administrator
10 Windows Azure Portals and Access Levels Administrator
11 Azure Benefits for MSDN subscribers Administrator
12 Windows Azure vs. vs. Cloud Foundry Administrator
13 Overview of VMware Cloud Platform Administrator
14 Overview of Google Cloud Platform Administrator
15 RTO vs. RPO Administrator
16 Big Data, NoSQL and MapReduce Administrator
17 Recovering from Windows Azure Virtual Machines failures – Unable to establish RDP connection Administrator
18 Dependency Inversion, Dependency Injection, DI Containers and Service Locator Administrator
19 Controlling Windows Azure VM lifetimes Administrator
20 This is amazing! I’m getting money to take surveys! Awesome! Administrator
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