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Derick Bailey

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1 Pogo Connect vs Pencil Administrator
2 Do You Polish And Shine What You Have, Or Build More? Administrator
3 a work / life … imbalance? Administrator
4 Mental Health in the Tech Workplace Administrator
5 Firing The Customer You Love Administrator
6 How To Get The Actual Cost Of Amazon S3 Data Transfer, Per Bucket Administrator
7 Need Admin Tools And Reports For Your SaaS? Build A Separate Site Administrator
8 The 5 Stages Of A SaaS Bootstrapper’s Grief Administrator
9 Living The Dream. Or Is It A Nightmare? Administrator
10 Debugging Browserified Unit Tests In A Real Browser Administrator
11 Build Your Own App Specific REPL For Your NodeJS App Administrator
12 Adding A Category List Page To A WordPress Site Administrator
13 Nodemon vs Grunt-Contrib-Watch: What’s The Difference? Administrator
14 Cascading Failures vs Robust Code: How SignalLeaf Survived Multiple Crashes And Still Served Podcasts Administrator
15 Announcing Building Backbone Plugins Distribution With! Administrator
16 Testing Browserify Modules In A (Headless) Browser Administrator
17 5 Rules For Mastering JavaScript’s “this” – The eBook Version! Administrator
18 Browserify: My New Choice For Modules In A Browser / Backbone App Administrator
19 grunt-contrib-watch Fires Change Event Twice, When MacVim Changes A File Administrator
20 Announcing An Email Course On The 5 Rules For Mastering JavaScript’s “this” Administrator
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