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Derick Bailey

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1 Should I Patch Built-In Objects / Prototypes? (Hint: NO!) Administrator
2 An Illustrated Guide To Client Projects: Requirements vs Reality Administrator
3 the stress, the sadness, and the little smile Administrator
4 I’ll Let My Code Fail, and Still Succeed With Message Queues Administrator
5 RabbitMQ For Developers: Release Date and a Free Interview Episode! Administrator
6 Update on RMQ For Developers: Consulting To Be Available! Administrator
7 Processing Unordered Array Items In Order, Using Brute Force Administrator
8 does it hurt when you stop? Administrator
9 Coming Soon: RabbitMQ For Developers Administrator
10 day in, day out Administrator
11 stop explaining it away Administrator
12 The 5 Stages of Developer Grief: SpaceCityJS 2015 Keynote Administrator
13 JSHint: Confusing Use of ! (not) Administrator
14 i’m terrified right now… and I hope I stay that way Administrator
15 are you done yet? how about now? Administrator
16 Serially Iterating An Array, Asynchronously Administrator
17 ExpressJS ProTips: A 7 Day Email Course Administrator
18 how I earned $1,000 / hr Administrator
19 The 5 Stages Of Entrepreneurial Grief: A Presentation and Video Administrator
20 remember that time when … Administrator
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