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Derick Bailey

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1 confessions of a video game addict Administrator
2 the reward for good work … Administrator
3 MustBe: Authorization Plumbing For NodeJS / Express Apps Administrator
4 the struggle to slow down and stop kicking butt Administrator
5 You are not your IDE Administrator
6 Building A #BADA55 Node Development Environment: The Video! Administrator
7 Understanding The Relationship Between RabbitMQ Exchanges, Queues and Bindings Administrator
8 When everything is “most important” … nothing is Administrator
9 Calculating Standard Deviation with and Array.reduce, In JavaScript Administrator
10 Show A Friendly Error Message If A User Specified Image URL Doesn’t Load Administrator
11 How I spent $75,000 during a budget freeze Administrator
12 iOS 8: The biggest iOS release ever Administrator
13 I crashed the web servers of a $100M+ multi-national corporation … Administrator
14 Decorating A Backbone.Model With Features, For A UI Component Administrator
15 Proper Error Handling In ExpressJS Route Handlers Administrator
16 Oh, how I long for the illusive green pastures … Administrator
17 Using The NodeJS Debugger On Code Called From Grunt (And Grunt-Jasmine-Node Specs) Administrator
18 Pogo Connect vs Pencil Administrator
19 Do You Polish And Shine What You Have, Or Build More? Administrator
20 a work / life … imbalance? Administrator
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