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1 The role of Behaviors and UserControls in the MVVM paradigm Administrator
2 New e-book published Administrator
3 WP8: New Emulators images released Administrator
4 XPG Toolkit – Notification Library 1.0.5114.0 released Administrator
5 WP8: A utility class to call choosers using async/await Administrator
6 Review: One week with Lumia 925 Administrator
7 From a "Class Library" to a "WinRT Component": Deal with inheritance Administrator
8 Windows Phone 8 Overview (Slides) Administrator
9 #wp8tip: Adapt images to different resolutions Administrator
10 Model View ViewModel with Windows Store Application Administrator
11 The “evil” in using “async void” Administrator
12 Tip: a common error with Dependency Property metadata Administrator
13 Customized semantic zoom: an alternative to common grouping Administrator
14 Windows 8 apps: Make your GridView parallactic Administrator
15 Windows 8 Apps: Change your project to run PlayReady successfully Administrator
16 Windows 8 Metro series part #1 Administrator
17 Metro: The SemanticZoom and the missing ItemTemplateSelector for ZoomedOutView Administrator
18 SilverlightPlayground is moving to XAMLPlayground Administrator
19 Metro: Incrementally load GridView and ListView with ISupportIncrementalLoading Administrator
20 Review: Mastering LOB Development for Silverlight 5: A Case Study in Action Administrator
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