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.NET by Example

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1 A Microsoft Band client to read temperatures and control a fan on a Raspberry PI2 Administrator
2 A Windows 10 UWP app to receive temperature data from a Raspberry PI2 and control a fan using the Azure Service Bus Administrator
3 Controlling a fan using a UWP on a Raspberry PI2 remotely Administrator
4 Measuring temperatures using an UWP on a Raspberry PI 2 Administrator
5 Using system accent color brush from code in Windows 10 UWP Administrator
6 Using an Azure Service bus queue for two-way (IoT) communication Administrator
7 Reading temperatures & controlling a fan with a RP2, Azure Service Bus and a Microsoft Band (1) Administrator
8 Windows 10 maps part 5 - styles and 3D Administrator
9 Microsoft are not spying on your hard disk because there is nothing to gain - and everything to loose Administrator
10 Windows 10 maps part 4 - color scheme and options Administrator
11 Windows 10 maps part 3 - querying the map & attaching business objects to map shapes Administrator
12 Windows 10 maps part 2 - manipulation and drawing Administrator
13 Gotcha: Windows 10 mobile does not download additional keyboards and speech language after hard reset Administrator
14 Gotcha: custom Microsoft Band page shows only data in last added UI element Administrator
15 Windows 10 maps part 1 - setting up Administrator
16 Gotcha: Azure website debugging not working in mixed VS2015RC solutions Administrator
17 Custom oAuth login to Facebook for Windows Store apps Administrator
18 View model driven animations using behaviors and MVVMLight in Xamarin Forms Administrator
19 Using a Windows 10 UWP app and Signal/R on Azure to display Microsoft Band heart rates–basically everywhere Administrator
20 Getting Signal/R clients to work on Windows 10 UWP apps Administrator
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