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.NET by Example

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1 Querying the Windows Phone 8.1 map when there are child objects over it Administrator
2 AngularJS + TypeScript: how to implement validation Administrator
3 AngularJS + TypeScript – using $resource to talk to a WebApi backend Administrator
4 Sharing code between a Xamarin Forms/MVVMLight app and EF-code first backend using Shared Reference Project Manager Administrator
5 Sharing code between an Xamarin Forms/MVVMLight app and EF-code first backend using Shared Reference Project Manager Administrator
6 AngularJS + TypeScript – how to setup a watch (and 2 ways to do it wrong) Administrator
7 Angularjs + TypeScript – setting up a basic application with Visual Studio 2013 Administrator
8 Cross-platform behavior for making screenshots in Windows (Phone) 8.1 Administrator
9 Using SensorCore and MVVMLight to build a ‘what did I do where and when’ Windows Phone 8.1 app Administrator
10 Building multi-resolution popups in an Universal App Administrator
11 Messaging class for detecting and broadcasting that your Universal app is running in the background Administrator
12 Introducing WpWinl 2.0.0 (prerelease version) Administrator
13 Using Fody.PropertyChanged for automatic PropertyChangedEvents and model-to-viewmodel communication Administrator
14 Fix for being unable to rename files after applying Visual Studio 2013 update 2 Administrator
15 Windows Phone emulator–“Unable to create a route between the waypoints” Administrator
16 Writing behaviors in PCL for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Administrator
17 MovedCheeseException–where is StorageFolder.TryGetItemAsync in Windows Phone 8.1? Administrator
18 A screen-size independent scroll-into-view pane for Windows Phone and Windows Store apps Administrator
19 Windows Phone 8.1–moving your cursor. Don’t panic! Administrator
20 Code sharing strategies between Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 with the new Universal Windows apps Administrator
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