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.NET by Example

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1 Using a Windows 10 UWP app and Signal/R on Azure to display Microsoft Band heart rates–basically everywhere Administrator
2 Getting Signal/R clients to work on Windows 10 UWP apps Administrator
3 Fixing Windows 10 emulators not showing up in VS2015RC or not having internet access Administrator
4 Windows 10 build 10061 fixes MapIcon woes! Administrator
5 3D maps with the Windows 10 Maps SDK Administrator
6 Displaying Microsoft Band heart rate via Raspberry PI2 using Mono, C#, OWIN and a Windows Phone Administrator
7 Controlling a LED with a Raspberry PI 2 using Mono and C# Administrator
8 Starting an OWIN ASP.NET server on Raspberry PI 2 automatically at boot up Administrator
9 Using a full-size none-stretched background image in a Xamarin.Forms app Administrator
10 Keeping popups above the bottom app bar in Windows 8.1 store apps Administrator
11 “System.IO.FileNotFoundException” using controls from another assembly in Xamarin Forms on iOS. Administrator
12 Binding shapes to the Windows Phone 8.1 Here Maps control Administrator
13 Binding shapes to the Windows Phone 8.1 Here Maps control Administrator
14 A behavior to show a MessageDialog from a MVVMLight viewmodel in Universal apps–with callbacks Administrator
15 A behavior to deal with UI consequences of full screen and Software Keys in Windows Phone 8.1 Administrator
16 The Microsoft Band and me–three weeks later Administrator
17 Executing and testing geofencing background tasks in Universal Apps Administrator
18 Returning Task<T> from a Windows Runtime Component Administrator
19 Making the Application Bar display on of top of the UI in Windows Phone 8.1 Store Apps Administrator
20 Visualizing geofences as circles on the map in Universal Apps Administrator
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