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1 Top tech trends of 2015 Administrator
2 APIs should not be copyrightable Administrator
3 Learn how to apply data science techniques using parallel programming in Apache Spark to explore big (and small) data Administrator
4 Azure Virtual Machines : Using Chef, Puppet and Docker for managing Linux VMs | Microsoft Azure Blog Administrator
5 Production Release Workflow With Git - John Wilger Administrator
6 Nick Farina - Git Is Simpler Than You Think Administrator
7 Git For Ages 4 And Up | Open Source Developers' Conference 2010 Administrator
8 The Thing About Git Administrator
9 Data as a Service: The Next “As a Service” Wave? Administrator
10 Saving information on a computer boosts human memory resources for new information | KurzweilAI Administrator
11 Continued Innovation: Microsoft announces updates across Storage, Azure SQL Database, Identity and Access Management and Media Services | Microsoft Azure Blog Administrator
12 Building Real Software: If you could only do one thing to make better software, what would it be? Administrator
13 Docker Unveils Orchestration Services, Hub Enterprise -- ADTmag Administrator
14 Using C# and Wix# to Build Windows Installer Packages Administrator
15 The Role of Content Quality in Bing Ranking | Search Quality Insights Administrator
16 Fakes, Stubs, and Mocks - art of Unit Testing in C# for WCF Services and MVC Administrator
17 Git and GitHub Resources - You've Been Haacked Administrator
18 Regex for Email ID Validations: Catch typos in Domain names from user input Administrator
19 .NET and Android technologies: Json.NET vs JavascriptSerializer performance comparison Administrator
20 aspNetCompatibilityEnabled - What value shd be in Web.config? WCF Service: True or False Administrator
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