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John Liu .NET - Blog

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1 TypeScript presentation (take 2) at SPSMEL Administrator
2 jQuery Promise syntax to wrap SharePoint SP.SOD Administrator
3 Nintex Workflow Inline Function to check if SPFile is locked Administrator
4 Reading InfoPath template's default values in code Administrator
5 Wrap up: SharePoint Saturday Adelaide and Brisbane Administrator
6 SP2010 Forcing previously deployed file to update to latest version in site definition Administrator
7 SharePoint Saturdays in Australia Administrator
8 IE11 (+Win8.1.1) F12 Developer Tools for the SharePoint Dev Administrator
9 3 sessions in //BUILD on TypeScript Administrator
10 The Microsoft MVP Community Camp is happening next Saturday March 22. What is it? Administrator
11 Building a 2013 No Code webpart for Administrator
12 Using SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow to copy file via REST on Office 365 Administrator
13 InfoPath's future and what everyone's saying Administrator
14 Building No-Code Sandbox WebParts for the past, present and the future [Proposed Session Outline] Administrator
15 Using spservices to create discussion and reply in a Discussion List Administrator
16 Living with the Surface RT for 4 weeks Administrator
17 2014 begins with a SharePoint Server MVP Award Administrator
18 SPSSYD 2013 and special thanks to Brian Farnhill Administrator
19 InfoPath - binding Linked Picture Display Text for dynamic tooltips Administrator
20 Using VSNET 2013 and write TypeScript directly to any SharePoint via WebDAV Administrator
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