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Imran Baloch's Blog

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21 Custom Routing in ASP.NET vNext Administrator
22 Possible ASP.NET VNext Deployed Folder Structure(With and Without Source) Administrator
23 ValidateAntiForgeryTokenAttribute and Ajax Requests Administrator
24 ASP.NET Identity Recommended Resources Administrator
25 K, KVM, KPM, KLR, KRE in ASP.NET vNext Administrator
26 ASP.NET VNext Debugging MVC Source Administrator
27 A simple Bootstrap Pager Html Helper Administrator
28 A sample of Onion Architecture with ASP.NET Identity Administrator
29 Forcing Visual Studio 2013 to use ASP.NET MVC 5.1, ASP.NET Web API 2.1 and ASP.NET Web Pages 3.1 Administrator
30 Centralizing SqlDataSource Events Administrator
31 My favourite SQL Server 3rd Party Tools Administrator
32 A simple implementation of Microsoft.AspNet.Identity Administrator
33 Page Instrumentation in ASP.NET 4.5 Administrator
34 Invalid Html Response and JS Errors when you open your Application in Visual Studio 2013 Administrator
35 Using Response.Redirect Effectively Administrator
36 New Filter Overrides feature in ASP.NET MVC 5 and ASP.NET Web API 2 Administrator
37 Customizing ASP.NET MVC 5/Web API 2 Scaffolding Templates in Visual Studio 2013 Administrator
38 Quick ASP.NET Performance Tips Administrator
39 Configuring ASP.NET MVC 5 Login Options Administrator
40 Making Cache Aware ResolveUrl/Url.Content Administrator
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