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.NET Software Architecture on the Back of a Napkin.

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1 Evolution of a Basic Software Anatomy
2 Lightweight Software Architecture on Napkins
3 There´s no #antifragilesoftware
4 What does Antifragility mean?
5 Informed TDD – Using Mocks to Allow for True Stepwise Refinement
6 Recursively descending test-driven development aided by thinking
7 The Self-Similar Software Development Process
8 Interesting book about messaging wants your support
9 Spinning – A Core Practice for Agile Teams
10 OOP as if you meant it
11 Focus on the flow with messaging
12 Bus or Flow? - Messaging done one way or the other
13 Nested Messaging - Flows on Different Levels of Abstraction
14 Messaging for More Decoupling
15 Flows – Visualizing the Messaging Programming Model
16 Messaging as a programming model – Let´s get real
17 Catch Exceptions in Concurrent Flows Using Causalities
18 Easily Parallelize Operations in Flows Using the Flow Execution Engine
19 Introduction to the Flow Execution Engine NPantaRhei
20 Get into the flow with Spinning
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