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The ArchitectВґs Napkin

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.NET Software Architecture on the Back of a Napkin.

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1 Teaser: Agile Dimensions of Feedback Administrator
2 Teaser: Hierarchical Scrum – How to Introduce Scrum Step by Step Administrator
3 Who do you want to KISS? - About simplicity in coding Administrator
4 There is no such thing as technical debt Administrator
5 More than one order matters Administrator
6 Actors in a IODA Architecture by Example Administrator
7 IODA Architecture by Example Administrator
8 The IODA Architecture Administrator
9 Sweet Aspects Administrator
10 The Single Responsibility Principle under the microscope Administrator
11 In need of more abstraction Administrator
12 The Steep Curve of Feature Prioritization Administrator
13 Feedback-Centric Development - The One Hacker Way Administrator
14 Software development must deliver on budget - always Administrator
15 How Agility leads to functional design and even TDD Administrator
16 The Incremental Architect´s Napkin - #7 - Nest flows to scale functional design Administrator
17 Why I love Leanpub for getting my books to readers Administrator
18 The Incremental Architect´s Napkin - #6 - Branch flows for alternative processing Administrator
19 The Incremental Architect’s Napkin - #5 - Design functions for extensibility and readability Administrator
20 Abstracting functionality Administrator
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