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Ayende @ Rahien

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1 Boldly & confidently fail, it is better than the alternative Administrator
2 My view on crowd funding Administrator
3 Funding options Administrator
4 RavenDB 3.5 Features: Data Exploration Administrator
5 Challenge: What is the meaning of this change? Administrator
6 Work stealing in the presence of startup / shutdown costs Administrator
7 Fine grained work control Administrator
8 Project Tamar Administrator
9 RavenDB 3.0–New stable release Administrator
10 New RavenDB 3.0 RC is out Administrator
11 Strangest support calls for RavenDB Administrator
12 Fixing the index, solutions Administrator
13 Interview question: fix the index Administrator
14 Timeouts, TCP and streaming operations Administrator
15 RavenDB in Siberia Administrator
16 Merge related entities using Multi Map/Reduce Administrator
17 Taking full dumps for big IIS apps Administrator
18 QCon London and In The Brain talk – Performance Optimizations in the wild Administrator
19 That ain’t going to take you anywhere Administrator
20 Lambda methods and implicit context Administrator
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