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Jef Claes

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61 Accidental entities - you don't need that identity Administrator
62 Validating composite models with knockout validation Administrator
63 IDDD Tour notes (2/2) Administrator
64 IDDD Tour notes (1/2) Administrator
65 Customizing a knockout validation message Administrator
66 Modeling the four-eye principle Administrator
67 Internationalization in NancyFx Administrator
68 Designing entities: immutability first Administrator
69 Reading large files in chunks with proper encapsulation Administrator
70 Putting my IronMQ experiment under stress Administrator
71 Some experimental infrastructure for IronMQ pull Administrator
72 First IronMQ impressions Administrator
73 My Christmas holiday project postmortem Administrator
74 Adding the R to CQS: some storage options Administrator
75 Premature judgment Administrator
76 Raising events in commandhandlers Administrator
77 Organizing commands and queries Administrator
78 RavenDB: Drop all collections Administrator
79 Separating command data from logic and sending it on a bus Administrator
80 Self-contained commands with dependencies Administrator
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