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Jef Claes

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41 An event store Administrator
42 An event sourced aggregate Administrator
43 My understanding of event sourcing Administrator
44 CZ The Trilogy Administrator
45 Actor Model in COBOL Administrator
46 Slides from my talk on the Ubiquitous Language Administrator
47 The first DDDBE Modellathon Administrator
48 Inheritance is like Jenga Administrator
49 But I already wrote it Administrator
50 Eventual consistent domain events with RavenDB and IronMQ Administrator
51 When your commands spell CUD Administrator
52 The last cowboy Administrator
53 The road goes on forever Administrator
54 The long highway Administrator
55 Stairway to heaven Administrator
56 She said yes! Administrator
57 Fireworks, Tequila and Silvertown Blues Administrator
58 To Live & Die in L.A. Administrator
59 Multiplayer Enterprise Architect Administrator
60 Not handling edge cases, making them explicit instead Administrator
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