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Jef Claes

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21 Averages are not good enough (F#) Administrator
22 Consumed in 2014 Administrator
23 TDD as the crack cocaine of software Administrator
24 Spinning the wheel: clustering and near misses Administrator
25 Spinning the wheel: manipulating the odds Administrator
26 Spinning the wheel Administrator
27 Hot aggregate detection using F# Administrator
28 Splitting hot aggregates Administrator
29 Programmatically force create a new LocalDB database Administrator
30 Print out the maximum depth of recursion allowed Administrator
31 Read an Event Store stream as a sequence of slices using F# Administrator
32 The road to Großglockner Administrator
33 Northbound again Administrator
34 Tolkien's inspiration Administrator
35 Porsches and a setting that sells them Administrator
36 Solomon, the architect Administrator
37 Thinking No Computers Administrator
38 Paper notes: A Study and Toolkit for Asynchronous Programming in C# Administrator
39 Not about the UI and the database Administrator
40 Eventual consistency in the Wild West Administrator
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