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Jef Claes

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21 Porsches and a setting that sells them Administrator
22 Solomon, the architect Administrator
23 Thinking No Computers Administrator
24 Paper notes: A Study and Toolkit for Asynchronous Programming in C# Administrator
25 Not about the UI and the database Administrator
26 Eventual consistency in the Wild West Administrator
27 NCrafts Eventstorming slides Administrator
28 What if we stored events instead of state? - slides Administrator
29 Glueing the browser and POS devices together Administrator
30 Solving Mavericks with VMware Fusion 6 and Windows 8.1 hangs Administrator
31 Rebinding a knockout view model Administrator
32 Sending commands from a knockout.js view model Administrator
33 Building a live dashboard with some knockout Administrator
34 Tests as part of your code Administrator
35 Alternatives to Udi's domain events Administrator
36 Strategic DDD in a nutshell Administrator
37 DDDBE slides on the Ubiquitous Language Administrator
38 Reading an EventStore stream using JavaScript Administrator
39 Thinking in Systems Administrator
40 Repositories, where did we go wrong? Administrator
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