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41 Sublime is Sublime 12 Administrator
42 Grunt-Deploy-WPXap: Using Grunt to deploy your Windows Phone application Administrator
43 Fixing a side effect w/ the Expander Control in Windows Phone Administrator
44 Sublime is Sublime 11 Administrator
45 Fixing an Expand Control side effect in Windows Phone Administrator
46 Grunt-Bump-WMAppManifest: Updating Version Information for Windows Phone via Grunt Administrator
47 Sublime is Sublime 10 Administrator
48 Using Grunt to update WMAppManifest.xml version number (Windows Phone Manifest) Administrator
49 Sublime is Sublime 9 Administrator
50 Sublime is Sublime 8 Administrator
51 Sublime is Sublime 6 Administrator
52 Sublime is Sublime 7 Administrator
53 Sublime is Sublime 4 Administrator
54 Sublime is Sublime 3 Administrator
55 Using Grunt to Update the AssemblyInfo.cs version number Administrator
56 C# Feature I would love — Dynamic Types w/ Interfaces Administrator
57 Binding to the TitleTemplate in a Windows Phone Panorama Control Administrator
58 Event Sourcing and Post/Pre Dated Transactions Administrator
59 Projections Example Administrator
60 Drafting problems with and other thoughts Administrator
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