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21 Quick Hit: What Do Your Customers Really Want? Administrator
22 On Programmers Productivity Administrator
23 Agile Software Teams, a Basketball Analogy Administrator
24 Exceptions exist for a reason – use them! Administrator
25 Using InvokeCommandAction in Winodws 8.1 Universal Applications Administrator
26 Accessing Visual Studio Online from YOUR Azure Account – Now we can with this new PaaS offering Administrator
27 Restsharp, MultiPartFormDataContent File Name — 400 error Administrator
28 Debugging xUnit tests in Xamarin Studio and Mono Develop using The Debugging Trick™ Administrator
29 #BeyondCallbacks or How Koa helps me Code Better Administrator
30 Telerik, moving to Kendo Administrator
31 xClassNotDerivedFromElement – Another Non-Informative XAML Parse Error Administrator
32 Running NDepend Rules through NDepend.API Administrator
33 Missing NuGet Packages and Visual Studio Administrator
34 Fluent 2014, Splunk for JavaScript developers, and a dash of Hypermedia Administrator
35 Sublime is sublime Closing Administrator
36 .NET Developer Tooling: The Roslyn Revolution Administrator
37 Extending Splunk’s search language with custom search commands. Administrator
38 Oh XAML, how I hate your error messages Administrator
39 How does TypeScript help prevent bugs in JavaScript Administrator
40 Sublime is Sublime 12 Administrator
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