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Robust Software

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1 Ruby 2 - Module#prepend Administrator
2 Minimalism in an Age of Tremendous Hardware Administrator
3 Logging Administrator
4 "Usually—almost always—there’s a much simpler solution waiting to be discovered,..." Administrator
5 The Boy Scout Rule Administrator
6 DDD10 - 10 Practices Summary Administrator
7 "Also, versioning APIs sucks. It’s not that it’s hard, it’s that once you publish..." Administrator
8 Gain Trust and Create Change - LDNUG - Followup Administrator
9 What Software Has in Common with Schrödinger’s Cat Administrator
10 DDD North - Introduction to Backbone.js Administrator
11 Resources For, And How I Learnt Backbone.js Administrator
12 Finagle Administrator
13 LMAX architecture - Martin Fowler Administrator
14 The Most Important Code Isn't Code Administrator
15 "There’s a whole school of thought that quantity of features is directly proportional to what you can..." Administrator
16 GiveCamp UK Administrator
17 Tags are magic! - Guardian Administrator
18 Pragmatic web service design Administrator
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