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1 Using to authenticate your app with GitHub
2 Merge conflicts in csproj files
3 A less terrible .NET project build with NuGet
4 GitHub Secrets Talk
5 Blogging while Broken
6 Empathy In Your Best Interest
7 Master time with Reactive Extensions
8 10 Years of being Haacked
9 How to review a merge commit
10 The Stories We Tell Ourselves
11 Fun with infinite sums
12 But does it quack like a duck?
13 Duck Typing Is More Than Quackery
14 Betrayal
15 Get your Fitbit totals
16 A Very Haacked 2013
17 Fixing Broken Jekyll URLs
18 Preserve Disqus Comments with Jekyll
19 Preserve URL Extensions with Jekyll
20 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Haack
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