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you've been HAACKED

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41 Death to the IF statement Administrator
42 Dealing with Multiplatform Project Files Administrator
43 Avoid Premature Standardization Administrator
44 Introducing Octokit.NET Administrator
45 Code Review Like You Mean It Administrator
46 Argue Well By Losing Administrator
47 RestSharp 104.2.0 Released Administrator
48 Popular Code Conventions on GitHub Administrator
49 The Two Email Rule For Out of Office Replies Administrator
50 Alaska Software Community Administrator
51 License your code Administrator
52 The Lawyers Won’t Let Us Administrator
53 A Google Reader Replacement Administrator
54 Platform Limitations Harm .NET Administrator
55 SemVer 2.0 Released Administrator
56 Hidden Code Mines Administrator
57 Reflective Parenting Administrator
58 Applying Conway’s Law Administrator
59 Better Testers Administrator
60 Upcoming Speaking Gigs and a Podcast Administrator
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