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Leverage T4Scaffolding for WCF Web API

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MvcScaffolding is a tremendous productivity improvement for MVC developers. Earlier this year, Steve Sanderson posted the definitive 7-part series on MvcScaffolding which is a must-read for anyone serious about doing scaffolding. The best part about the scaffolding infrastructure is that MvcScaffolding is actually built on top of another package called T4Scaffolding. T4Scaffolding can be used as the basis for *any* scaffolding – not just MVC projects. To that end, we can enjoy the same power of MvcScaffolding in non-MVC projects like the WCF Web API. Recently I did a post that showed how
target="_blank">easy it was to get up and running with Web API by leveraging NuGet. This consisted of a NuGet package which added the appropriate references and provided starter code for a basic HTTP CRUD service (I included a 6-minute screencast showing it in action). However, there are several aspects of the NuGet-only approach that are not ideal: State was held by a static in-memory dictionary which, while good for a demo, you have to replace. It created a dummy “MyModelType” class where you had to then rely on Visual Studio...(Read whole news on source site)

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