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About MSI Product/Upgrade/Package Codes

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When you generate an MSI you need to set at least Product Version Product Code Package Code Upgrade code is not mandatory but in reality it is also a must or you will not be able to create upgrade msi packages. One interesting thing about ProductVersion is that you can choose to set a 4 digit version like but MSI will only use the first three digits for version checking. Its format is This is important if you decide to
create a update or upgrade package. Have a look for the rules when to change version and product code. The codes are all in form of a guid like component ids of the form {12345678-ABCD-EF12-1234-123456789012} Allowed characters are 0-9 and A-F. The codes must contain only upper case letters. The behavior is undefined if you do not stick to this convention. To generate such a guid you can use Guidgen from Visual Studio. Beware of Guidgen versions previous to VS2010. They had the issue that from time to time it smuggled...(Read whole news on source site)

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