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Consume a Socket using Reactive Extension

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In my last post I wrote about writing a TCP server using the Reactive Extensions library. It was not a Silverlight related post, but it simply introduces the server side component that I will use in this post to show you how to use the same library to consume the incoming data and present it in Silverlight. The interesting part is to understand how rx can simplify the programming model when dealing with asynchronicity both in Silverlight and in server side full .NET programming. The server I presented was a very simple socket listener that
waits for connections and then, when the channel has been established, it push to the client a continuous stream of data that represent the current state of the CPU and memory of the server. With this huge amount of informations incoming we can create a little application that is able to show a chart and some gauges, updated almost in realtime. The application, developed following the MVVM pattern, is made of a simple view containing the controls used to present the informations. These controls are feeded by a couple of properties in the ViewModel that are updated with...(Read whole news on source site)

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