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A Custom View Engine with Dynamic View Location

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          One of the nice feature of ASP.NET MVC framework is its pluggability. This means you can completely replace the default view engine(s) with a custom one. One of the reason for using a custom view engine is to change the default views location and sometimes you need to change the views location at run-time. For doing this, you can extend the default view engine(s) and then change the default views location variables at run-time.  But, you cannot directly change the default views location variables at run-time because they are static and shared among all requests. In this article, I will show
you how you can dynamically change the views location without changing the default views location variables at run-time.       Description:           Let's say you need to synchronize the views location with controller name and controller namespace. So, instead of searching to the default views location(Views/ControllerName/ViewName) to locate views, this(these) custom view engine(s) will search in the Views/ControllerNameSpace/ControllerName/ViewName folder to locate views.           First of all create a sample ASP.NET MVC 3 application and then add these custom view engines to your application,   public class MyRazorViewEngine : RazorViewEngine { public MyRazorViewEngine() : base() ...(Read whole news on source site)

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