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Unit Testing the Windows Phone 7 applications

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It’s been a long while since my last blog post. With some additional responsibilities at work, and a long trip to the US, I just did not find the time to update the blog with the latest developments. But I am happy to find time this weekend to bring the Chronometer Windows Phone 7 application to a logical closure. In this post I will also concentrate on the topic of unit testing windows phone applications. A functional change first – clearing the history However, before I get to unit testing, I would like to add a small feature to the application. This
is about clearing the history of the events that get displayed in the Stopwatch page. I do this by adding a “Clear History” menu item to the AppBar and then add a handler for the menu item to do the job. Here is the change in the XAML to add the menu item – notice the new ApplicationBar.MenuItem – the auto-completion intellisense feature when editing the XAML directly makes is very easy to add these UI elements. The code for the click handler looks as follows: The screens below capture how the menu item shows up, and (on clicking) clears up...(Read whole news on source site)

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