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A TCP Server with Reactive Extensions

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I know, from the title of this post you may understand that the topic I’m about to cover is not really Silverlight related. Please be patient and it will become clear that there is a relation with Silverlight in the next part when I will complete my exposition. After a long pause, today I return to the Reactive Extensions, I’ve temporarily shelved for lack of time, and I want to present the implementation of a little server that uses a socket and takes advantage of the Extensions. A socket server usually listens to a TCP port
and it can be easily consumed by a Silverlight application. This is not a usual scenario because often it is hard to get rid of firewalls and security people in a company, so the use of HTTP is way better in most of the cases. But, sometimes, tipically when you need a reactive communication that let the application to be always up to date with events on the server, the use of a Socket is an effective soluzione For such people that are not aware of how a socket server works, a brief explanation. A regular socket server...(Read whole news on source site)

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