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In this post I describe my experience from implementing Azure Connect and key findings regarding factors that impact connection latency in a scenario where SQL Server uses integrated authentication and the Azure web role instance is domain joined. Azure Connect Why Bother? We have introduced Azure Connect in PDC 2010 Conference. It is currently it is available as a beta (CTP2) technology. You can request access to Azure beta programs on the Windows Azure developer portal. After you log in click Home and then Beta Programs on the left panel.
You will see Azure Connect listed there. You can now push the button Apply for Access to request participation. It can take some days before you get approval and this feature is enabled for your subscription. Azure Connect opens the possibility of new scenarios – building hybrid solutions that include Azure virtual machines (role instances) and on-premise machines. You can join the Azure virtual machines to your domain and access them on your local network just as you access your physical servers. There are some limitations of course. The biggest one is that the Azure roles do...(Read whole news on source site)



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