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Razor Themed View Engine for multi-themes site

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All sources code for this post can be find at here.
Have you ever implemented a multi-themes site using Razor view engine? Yes it is really good to do that. Specially, you can do it and make it work well with Razor. I spent a lot of time to investigate this problem. After searched on Google, I had found some of links very useful about this topic. But all of them also implemented in ASP.NET MVC 2.0 and custom a WebformViewEngine. So I know I must work with it from scratch. But no problem, I decided to analyses
some examples at here and here. They are good samples for my work. And I can re-use the ViewEngine from them, only change from WebformViewEngine to RazorViewEngine.
What components do we need to make your site using multi themes? We only need css, images and certainly views for make its working. Basic idea is customize the ViewEngine and when the ASP.NET MVC want to find a image, css, view or partial view, we will point to the valid one in theme folder. That's it. After 4 hours to implemented it, I very happy because it can...(Read whole news on source site)

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