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How to Deploy Azure Role Pre-Requisite Components from Blob Storage

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In Windows Azure SDK1.3 we have introduced the concept of startup tasks that allow us to run commands to configure the role instance, install additional components and so on. However, this functionality requires that all pre-requisite components are part of the Azure solution package. In practice this has following limitations: if you add or modify pre-requisite component you need to regenerate the Azure solution package you will have to pay the bandwidth charge of transferring the regenerated solution package (perhaps 100s of MB) even though you actually want to update
just one small component the time to update entire role instance is incremented by the time it takes to transfer the solution package to Azure datacenter you cannot update individual component rather you update entire package Below I describe an alternative approach. It is based on the idea to leverage blob storage to store the pre-requisite components. Decoupling of pre-requisite components (in most cases they have no relationship with the Azure role implementation) has a number of benefits: you do not need to touch Azure...(Read whole news on source site)

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