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Announcing PostSharp 2.1 CTP 2

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I’m excited to announce the release of PostSharp 2.1 CTP 2, available for download from our web site and from the NuGet gallery. This CTP is mostly feature complete and has zero known bugs. It includes all fixes from the 2.0 branch. If you’re not on a tight go-to-production schedule, it’s pretty safe to give this version a try now. Unlike with the previous CTP, we will be in “continuous delivery” mode and will be able to release hot fixes very quickly. So what’s new in PostSharp 2.1? I’ll be blogging about individual features
the next days. Here is a short summary: Build-time performance improvement NuGet packaging and improved no-setup experience Extensions to the System.Reflection API Architecture validation (constraints) Support for obfuscation Support for Silverlight 5 License management Build-Time Performance Improvement Most users will see some improvement in the build-time performance of PostSharp, but for some users it could even mean a 500% speed up. The main reason? We completely rewrote the...(Read whole news on source site)