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Welcoming Visual Basic Users to XNA

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With the release of the Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta, Visual Basic joins C# as a supported development language for XNA. I’ve been busily converting my samples to VB recently. They aren’t all done yet, but quite a few are (only three remain that I plan to convert). Rather than make anyone wait, I’ll share what I’ve completed so far and will add more when I have the remainder finished. Without further ado: Content Pipeline Extension Sample: VB Source CodeRelated Blog Post DragAndDropGame:
href="">VB Source Code – Related Blog Post CheckMemoryAllocationGame: VB Source CodeRelated Blog Post RenderTarget2D Sample: VB Source CodeRelated Blog Post Guest Account Sign In Utility: VB Source Code (There is no blog post for this tool; it allows you to get a Guest sign in on the Xbox 360 in order to check that you are properly handling guest accounts when purchasing games.)   As always, you...(Read whole news on source site)

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