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New version of the Inmeta Build Folder Extension

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The 1.0.1 version of the Build Folder Extension is now out and can be downloaded from the Visual Studio Code Gallery  at  Source code, discussions and issue tracking can be found at the codeplex site at  Context menu The context menu has been extended with the following commands, shown below: Queue New Build… :  This pops up the traditional queue build dialog Queue Default Build(s):  This starts the default build directly, no dialog pops up.  Less clicks!   Another cute thing here is that if
you select a folder, it will start all the builds in that folder directly. View Builds:  View the builds for the particular select build definition View All Builds:  Use this instead of the All Build Definitions to see the builds for all build definitions. Goto Team Explorer Build Node:  Some functionality is still in the original build tree.  Use this to go directly to that node from the node in the Inmeta Build Folders. ****************** Change in 1.0.1 regarding build folders named equal to a build. In some cases one defines builds which has...(Read whole news on source site)

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