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Building Windows Phone 7 User Interface with Expression Blend

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Microsoft Expression Blend is a great tool for designing user interfaces. Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone provides a streamlined development workflow for Windows Phone 7 applications that was previously available for Silverlight and .NET applications only. You can refer to this link to figure out the version of the tool that best suits your purpose, including the option of the free version that is part of the Windows Phone 7 developer toolkit. I have used Expressions Blend in couple of places in the Chronometer application that I have been building. You will find a series
of blog posts on the topic, starting here. I find that Blend is a great way to get the styles for the user interface controls just right – rather than simply using the properties of the control, or hand coding the XAML. For example, in the last post, I had introduced the TimeSpanPicker control for the countdown timer feature of the application. The heart of the control is a TextBox control for the input of the initial value of the timer. If you remember, the default definition, and the default look of the control looked as below: ...(Read whole news on source site)

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