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What is new in HTML 5

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Now most of the browsers have the support for HTML 5. From now, web developer’s needs to think how they can utilize the new elements arrived with HTML 5 in their web applications. In this article I am listing some major elements that every web developer will be interested in. Canvas This is one of the most interested features introduced. Canvas element allows you to build 2d graphics rendered to the html page. The contents can be drawn to the canvas using java script, thus provides inbuilt capabilities of animations without the help of any third party
component. If you want to read more about Canvas element, follow the below links Audio Prior to HTML 5, if you want to play audio in the browser, you are supposed to use Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, or other browser plugins. The ability to play the audio by the browser varies depending on the plugins available in the browser. HTML 5 introduces a new element named audio that brings...(Read whole news on source site)

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