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The Reactive Snake for Windows Phone 7

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Continuing my experiments with Reactive Extension I put together a small example that show an alternative use of the library to create a little game. The game is the widely known Snake that many of us have played on his own Nokia when it is the sole game in the ancient models. Please take note that the game I wrote is not complete since it is first of all an example of the use of a technology and how it can simplify the development of a slightly complex logic like the one that is behind this game.
The core of the game is based on two separate uses of the Reactive Extensions. From one side I have a main loop that is based on a frequent timeout that in a complete version of the game could be used to change the game speed. In this version it is set to 75 milliseconds. Every time the timeout is elapsed I move forward the Snake of one position saved in two variables XDirection and YDirection. This variable can assume the values of 1 or -1 if the snake is moving along the direction and 0 if the snake...(Read whole news on source site)

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