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I am back to coding this weekend, and would like to add a second feature to the Chronometer application – a countdown timer. You will remember that I started building the application a few weekends back, and you will find the opening post here. I have since added a series of posts that has introduced different concepts and evolved the app – you can find those posts on my blog as well. The concept of the Timer is of course very simple – you put in a text box with a value of hour : minute : second,
and then put in some logic to change the values, and count it down to zero. However, I was looking for a control that would allow me to edit the countdown value with a nice experience – like you get when you set the alarm on the Windows phone 7!. I looked around, and found that there is control built by the community – called the TimeSpanPicker – which has the exact functionality I need. However, I would need to load the package, copy down the files, get any dependent packages (if any), add references to my project – and...(Read whole news on source site)



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