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Working with Client-Side Storage Using datajs Store API

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Working with Client-Side Storage Using datajs Store API One of the interesting features that datajs library includes is a store API which abstract the use of client-side storage mechanisms. You can use the store API in order to have a storage layer in your client-side and therefore reduce the calls for the server. Since datajs is only in alpha then this API might change in the future but even so I’ll explain and show a how to use it in this post. datajs Storage Options datajs currently provides an abstraction layer on top of the following three
client-side storage options: In-memory – the datajs team implemented an in memory storage mechanism that can be used with the datajs library. DOM Storage – I wrote about this client storage type in the past. Most of the new browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and more) include implementation for DOM Storage which is a key-value dictionary that exists on client-side. IndexedDB – this is a new HTML5 specification that is being developed these days and therefore it is only experimental. Most of the browsers haven’t implemented this feature yet. Even...(Read whole news on source site)

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