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Building a Jounce RegionAdapter with the Accordion Control

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Natively, Jounce supports two types of Region containers, the ContentControl and the ItemsControl.  You can add your own containers by inheriting from RegionAdapterBase.  In this post, I will show you how you can build a RegionAdapter using the Accordion control (from the Silverlight Toolkit) as a container: Step 1.  Add a class that inherits from RegionAdapterBase and implement the required ActivateControl override. Jounce.Regions.Adapters.RegionAdapterBase
public class AccordionRegionAdapter : RegionAdapterBase { public override void ActivateControl(string viewName,
string targetRegion) { } } Step 2.  Implement ActivateControl.  This step involves the following process.  First, you need to validate the region name and control name provided in the parameters of the call.  Jounce has two helper methods that make the validation an easy task.  The next step is to determine if we have already added the view to our region.  We can do this simply by maintaining an internal list of views.  If the view is already added, we simply make that view...(Read whole news on source site)

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