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Silverlight 5’s New RichTextBoxOverflow Control

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Silverlight 5 boasts a lot of big new features, but sometimes it’s the little things that count. A case in point is the new RichTextBoxOverflow control, which simplifies the process of implementing newspaper-style layouts in Silverlight applications. It may not be as sexy as the new 3D graphics API, but RichTextBoxOverflow will be your best friend if you want to build readers for newspapers, magazines, books, or other richly formatted content, and you want text to flow between columns as the size of the text (or the text container) changes. To demonstrate, I built a simple example that you
can download and try for yourself if you have the Silverlight 5 beta installed on your development machine. When it first comes up, it looks something like this: Now grab the slider that’s directly underneath the text and move it to the right. The text in the article will increase in size and automatically flow from column 1 to column 2: Next, use the bottom slider to change the text leading – that is, the spacing between characters: This, too, is new in Silverlight 5, and changing...(Read whole news on source site)

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