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Building a Windows Phone 7 Application–Data Binding and Persistence!

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The IPLT20 cricket championship is currently in progress – this means there is a lot of cricket on Television. Usually a couple of games from 4pm to almost midnight! If you don’t have any other plans, these games are a great option to while away your evenings. I spend some time on the weekends watching these games. But I now have a happy solution to ensure watching the games doesn’t just become recreation but otherwise an unproductive use of time – I can continue to extend my Windows Phone Application and blog while I watch the games – woohoo!
It is time to add some new functionality and new concepts to the Chronometer application I have been building. I have posted a set of three blogs so far on it, with the first one being here. The new functionality that I will add In this post, I want to add the support of the “Save” functionality to the Stopwatch. If you remember, in the second post I had introduced the “Save” button in the Application Bar – however, I had not added any code for it. In this post I...(Read whole news on source site)

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