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WP7 Games: Recommendations on Resuming

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I realized that I’ve given several people recommendations on how to deal with resuming a game from tombstoning on Windows Phone 7 over Twitter in the past month or so. So I figured I would write up my thoughts on it. There is no perfect and objectively correct solution. But there are certain common sense things that I believe will help make every gamer’s experience great. First: Read these:; and The second link especially but not until you’ve read the first one, since the first link sets out the Windows Phone 7
execution model and then the second link helps both clarify it and explain how an XNA game’s life cycle fits within and, at times, diverges from the Silverlight model. The remainder of my recommendations should match up with these guidelines, but I wrote them prior to re-reviewing the above so there may be some differences. If you spot any conflicts, please let me know so that I can revise this appropriately. Second: Save as much state as possible. Do everything you possibly can to save everything (that matters). It’s harder to write by-hand BinaryWriter/BinaryReader serialization than to do simple...(Read whole news on source site)

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